Who is the inventor of ‘smiley’ face symbol and what is the story of its creation?

Graphic symbols known as ‘smiley’ are used today in Netspeak (the email and SMS lingo). Here a personal message is conveyed not in a combination of shortened words and numerals like the SMS, but in the form of symbols which can be understood by the receiver.
An advertising professional named Harvey Ball (first photo), a graphic designer, created symbol of ‘smiley’ in 1963 which has become a ‘world language’ today – meaning thereby that the barrier of the ‘wall of language’ has been surmounted. For which purpose had Harvey Ball created that symbol is not known by many though.

When two American insurance companies entered into a business alliance, the workers’ union of the bigger company started a non-cooperation agitation to oppose that alliance. While the work was carried on, the atmosphere in the office remained tense. In order to soften hard attitude of confrontation, the company decided to respond with a ‘friendship drive’. The responsibility for easing the tension was entrusted to advertising and public relations specialist Harvey Ball who created ‘keep smiling’ symbol. Taking a cue from this symbol another American genius Scott Fahlman (second photo) created ‘smiley’ in 1981-82 by using various keys of the computer keyboard.

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