Who is the inventor of modern type mobile phone? (Martin Cooper)

Blueprint of mobile telephone technology was already drawn up by Bell Laboratories of USA way back in 1947. It was based on cellular telephone technology, under which the area to be networked is divided into smaller areas called cells; each cell having a transmitter and transmitters of all the cells being connected with a central exchange. However, Bell Laboratories had not been successful in making a mobile handset which could be called ‘portable’ in true sense of the word. Mobile phones prior to the decade of 1970s were like briefcases weighing four and a half kilograms.

After the invention of the chip, it became possible to miniaturize the size of electronic gadgets. Bell Laboratories assigned the task of making a small sized handset to their electronics expert Joel Engel and allocated millions of dollars for research. Simultaneously Martin Cooper, a researcher of Motorola Company was also struggling to make a small handset. Ultimately, he was to become successful first. So in recognition of his inventive genius, Motorola Company gave Martin Cooper the privilege of making world’s first mobile phone call.

On the historic day of April 3, 1973 Cooper pressed the handset’s push-buttons in the presence of all the senior executives and researchers and said, ‘Hello!’ to none else but Joel Engel of Bell Laboratories. Martin Cooper gave Engel the ‘happy tidings’ that he had finally succeeded in making the world’s first portable handset.

Martin Cooper was inventor of the first modern type mobile phone. His revolutionary invention made Motorola Company wealthy and himself too! However, the first mobile service in USA was started in 1978 by Bell Company in Chicago city.

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