What would be the consequences of not wearing a space-suit on body of an astronaut?

In spite of what some Hollywood movies would like you to believe, nothing of the sort will happen. One action-thriller was the Sean Connery film Outland wherein the space-suites get punctured. This caused the astronauts to balloon up twice their normal size before exploding. Another film, Total Recall, has the near vacuum of the Mars’ environment sucking the eyeballs out of anyone unprotected.

Neither of these events has anything to do with science. The human body is adapted to the normal atmospheric pressure of 760 mm of mercury. Exposure of pressures lower than 47 mm of mercury will indeed kill an astronaut. The water inside all cell tissues will turn to vapor, causing cells to collapse. There will be loss of huge amounts of body heat. Far from exploding, the body will freeze-dry.

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