Which is the largest bird in the world?

This question has more than one answers, so choose one yourself. In case of blue whale it is no.1 both in size and weight. But no bird can be given the place based on both the criteria. Hence, first one has to decide whether the bird should be biggest in size or weight. Again, should those birds with wings be compared with the birds without wings? And the sea birds are different from the ground birds, so the third question is of their comparison! As a result there happen to be several answers to the question. Read them one by one.

1. Amongst the birds that can not fly no.1 is African Ostrich. The world-record is of nine feet long Ostrich with weight 156.5 kilograms (345 pounds). No other bird is as heavy as an Ostrich.

2. Amongst the birds that can fly the biggest in size is Albatross with 11-feet 11” long wings. Sometimes gliding over the sea it makes a continuous journey of upto15,000 kilometers, not touching ground for months!

3. Considering only the ground birds South America’s Condor Vulture is incomparable in size. Its wings are 10.5 feet long. Now decide who is to be given the first prize.

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