What was Nokia’s business when it started operations in 1865?

When Finland’s Nokia Company, which occupies a leading position in the field of cell phone, started its business operations in 1865, leave alone mobile phone even ordinary phone was not invented. (World’s first telephone was made by Alexander Bell in 1876). Nokia Company entered telephone business in the beginning of 1970s. Only a few people know about its business for about 100 years prior to that.

Nokia Company was established in 1865 by a Finnish engineer named Frederick Idestam as a newsprint-paper and cardboard manufacturing mill. As it was situated in a river-bank village named Nokia in Southern Finland Idestam named the company Nokia in the honor of the village. However, sticking to one business was not in the character of Idestam or his successors. So starting with paper Nokia Company has diversified into different product lines and has made a name for itself in electricity, footwear, rubber, motor vehicle tires, rainwear, metallic cables, telegraphic equipments, equipments of telephone exchanges, electronics and finally in the field of mobile telephone business.

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