How to find right direction without a compass?

Two means of doing so are by the Sun and the stars. In case of the Sun we need the help of a watch. We know that: 1. The Sun rises in the east. 2. The Sun sets in the west. 3. If one faces east, the north is on the left and the south is on the right. 4. Starting with this knowledge we place the watch on the palm of one hand with the hour hand set in the direction of the Sun. We then imagine a line which joins the center of the watch with the figure 12. This line forms an angle with the hour hand. Next, trace an imaginary line which divides this angle in half. This line indicates the south, and therefore the north lies in the opposite direction. This applies only in the northern hemisphere.

Many of the different constellations in the space may be used by a traveler to find his direction. The best known in the British Isles is Ursa Major the Great Bear. The seven starts can easily be picked out in the northern sky. Two starts in the group are called The Pointers because a line drawn through them points to Polaris – the Pole Star, indicating almost true North. Other names for the Great Bear are Plough, the Wagon, Charle’s Wain, the Dipper.

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