Did any of the US presidents own slaves?

Truth be told, a number of US presidents had the dubious distinction of having slaves under their servitude. George Washington (seen in black coat in the picture below), first US president who fought against the British to free his country from enslavement, owned 216 slaves in 1773. Thomas Jefferson, third US president had 185 slaves in 1809, while fourth president James Madison at one time had 116 slaves.

When elected to the White House, Andrew Jackson and Zachary Taylor possessed 160 and 300 slaves. Ulysses Grant, eighteenth US president and the man who led the Union armies in the civil war that ended slavery, himself owned four slaves. In 1848, when he married Julia Dent, she already owned one slave and received a second as wedding present.

And ever heard of Patrick Henry, the prominent American political leader? In 1775, he uttered those famous words, ‘Give me liberty, or give me death.’ He owned 65 slaves at the time of his death!

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