Which is the largest insect in the world and where is it found?

If one considers weight and length as different parameters for defining the largest then there are two answers to this question. While the tropical stick insect is the longest, having been measured up to 33 centimeters, the heaviest insect in the world is the Goliath beetle of equatorial Africa.

About 20 centimeters wide when it spreads its wing for flight, the Goliath can weigh up to 100 grams. It has a massive build-up of hard, glossy armor called chitin, which is responsible for much of its body weight. The Goliath beetle is also the heaviest flying insect. African children sometimes amuse themselves by tying a piece of string around one of these Goliath beetles and fly it in circles like a miniature kite. More often than not, Goliath beetles are fried in palm oil and eaten by the natives.

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