Which is the longest lasting light bulb?

You can see on the left the picture of an electric light bulb which is unique and appears in almost every edition of “Guinness Book of World Records”. The bulb was not made by a machine but by an expert glass-blower whose job is to give shape to melted glass by blowing air in it through a tube. The bulb is only of 4 watts. This record holder light bulb is in use at Livermore fire brigade station of California.

Generally the life of a tungsten filament bulb is about 1,000 hour whereas this record-breaking bulb lighting up the parking area of Livermore fire brigade station still gives light (as of Jan, 2011) since it was put in the bulb holder in 1901! This bulb is kept on 24×7 and has been continuously spreading light for more than a century except for a brief interruption when it was removed and hung from another place.

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