Who invented Intel’s first Pentium chip?

Vinod Dham

Though produced by the USA’s Intel Corporation, ‘Pentium’ is basically the outcome of a research conducted by an Indian engineer. Popularly known as ‘Father of the Pentium chip’, the creator of the computer chip is Vinod Dham.

After getting his degree from Delhi College of Engineering, he went to the USA where he was appointed at a high and responsible post in Intel’s microprocessor division. He along with his team of assistant engineers created the ‘Pentium’ chip. This chip proved to be a turning point in the history of personal computers. The highly efficient computer chip has changed the definition of computer technology – so much so that the computer equipped with ‘Pentium’ chips (or microprocessors) are sometimes known as Pentium itself. Today, ‘Pentium’ is one of the largest selling microprocessors around the world.

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