Who is the actual inventor of electric light bulb, if not Thomas Edison?

Ask anyone the name of the inventor of the electric bulb and the answer will be, Thomas Edison. However, in all fairness the credit should go to a British physicist Joseph Swan (see, photo).

Consider these facts – Edison made and successfully tested his cotton-filament bulb in October, 1879 whereas Swan not only made a Sulfuric acid coated cotton filament bulb, but also organized a public demonstration of a number of such bulbs in Newcastle, UK, in December, 1878. Although Joseph Swan was about 10 months ahead with his invention, Edison accused him of stealing his idea! This led to a long drawn legal case. Swan did not have enough money to fight the case, so he agreed to a compromise and The Edison and Swan Electric Co – also known as ‘Ediswan’ – was set up, funded by Edison.

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