Why can’t we remember certain dreams?

The question is only regarding memory. We remember some of our dreams. A dream is an experience of a special kind. It is something happening in the part of our brain which has to do with consciousness and experience, and the brains’ general power of memory applies to this as it does to other cases. But, of course, the brain in is in a peculiar state when we dream. The whole of it is not working, and so our recollection of dream is, as a rule, not really so good as that of our waking experiences.

The more clearly we remember a dream, the greater must have been the part of the brain machine that was working at the time we dreamed. On the other hand, there’s no doubt that we have many dreams which we do not remember at all when we wake, which were due to the working of only a very small part of the brain. We see from this that we can judge which dreams are the best kind to have, if we are to have any. The more definite a dream is, the more vivid it is and the better we remember it, the more awake our brain was when we dreamed, the less was the rest it was getting, the poorer and less valuable was our sleep. But when a dream is scarcely remembered, or not remembered at all, and when it is very faint and vague, then our brain was much less awake during the dream and our rest and sleep were so much the less injured.

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