Why did Hitler choose swastika symbol as the emblem in the Nazi flag?

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Hitler has given explanation to this question in his treatise ‘Mein Kampf’ (My Struggle) which outlines his political philosophy. He identified swastika symbol as an emblem of the ancient civilization of Aryans and also as a symbol of success.

But what is the connection between Germans and Aryans? According to some scholars the Aryan civilization grew in the high land of Pamir, from where migrating southward the Aryans came to India about 3,500 years ago. However according to Lokmanya Tilak, who was also a noted historian, the region near North Pole and not Pamir was the original homeland of the Aryans. In ancient times that region was covered with luxuriant vegetation. After the onset of ice-age as the ice-sheet started spreading there the Aryans were compelled to migrate southward. They migrated right up to the boundaries of Vijaynagar Empire in South India pushing Dravid people further south.

According to the Western scholars of history the region of the banks of Rhine River was the cradle of Aryan civilization – i.e. Germany was the original homeland of Aryans. So Hitler considered Germans as Aryans, but not the English, French or the Scandinavians! Hitler’s ambition was that Aryan civilization should triumph over the world, which basically meant that he wanted to establish German Empire. With this objective in mind he selected the symbol of swastika for Nazi Germany. Each poster propagating Nazi ideology had swastika symbol printed on it. However, the original Aryan word was not swastika but ‘swasti’ which meant ‘be well’ as a benediction!

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  1. A good article but Adolf Hitler, in fact, lied in Mein Kampf (As he lied about so many things). The choice of the Swastika as the emblam of the NSDAP was actually made by Ernst Rohm, the very man who sent Adolf to investigate the NSDAP and, ultimately, sealed his own fate. (Rohm was, of course, later to become the chief of the SA and was amongst those 'purged' by Hitler during the 'Night of the Long Knives' - Essentially Hitler's move to purge the NSDAP of all true National Socialists so he could continue his rise to power unhindered by party doctrine)

    "The Brown Army was formed, by Rohm; for it Rohm borrowed the brown shirt from one of the Free Corps (Rossbach's) and the swastika from another (Ehrhardt's)."

    - Nemesis? The Story of Otto Strasser by Douglas Reed


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