What does the word ‘Cola’ mean in Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola etc.?

Not only Cola-cola and Pepsi-Cola, there are nearly 1500 leading soft drinks that use ‘Cola’ as a suffix in their brand names.

Belonging to the same genus both cocoa and cola (also spelled kola) trees are native to tropical forests of the Western Africa. Just like cocoa powder, the main ingredient of chocolate which is obtained by crushing dried seeds of cocoa fruit, the extract of cola seeds is used for making soft drinks. About 3.5 centimeters long cola seeds have high caffeine content. As a result one bottle of cola drink has more caffeine than one cup of coffee.

The caffeine content in cola drinks like Coca-cola and Pepsi-cola is so high that if a child demanding these drinks is given one cup of coffee it will cause him less harm than either of the cold drinks.

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