Is there a color that human eyes can not see?

It is our brains that translate into color something outside them which we call waves of light. If there were no brains, those rays of light would still exist, but plainly, it would not be right to say that they are colors. What happens in the case of light is that, if we compare all the possible kinds of light to the notes on a piano, there is just about one octave in that large compass that our eyes can see. The notes above and below that octave are in all real particulars of the same kind, but our eyes can not see them.

If our eyes could see them, they would certainly be of different colors to the light that we can see. The notes below the red end of the octave that we can see would appear as some other color which, of course, we can not imagine. And the notes above the violet end of the octave we can see would appear as another color. It has been clearly proved that some insects, such as ants, can see these rays of light beyond the violet, to which our eyes are blind. But what color it looks like to them, no human being can ever tell. It is very interesting to know, however, that there are animals which can see waves of light which we can not see, just as there are animals which can hear waves of sound too shrill for our ears to hear.

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