Is Maldives going to submerge in the ocean due to rising sea-levels? How much time it has?

Yes. Maldives unfortunately holds no future for its inhabitants. This country which is basically a group of islands is slowly getting engulfed by the ocean. About 30 islands have already been evacuated since all of them are going to submerge in the ocean in the near future. Due to the global warming the glaciers are melting and thus resulting in increasing sea levels which ultimately will lead to the disappearance of the remaining islands as well.

Maldives would also be the first country to be submerged in the sea. However, experts are not able to figure out the exact deadline as there are two factors which may misinterpret their calculations. The average water levels of the sea have risen by 5.5 centimeters in the past 15 years. The major reason for this to happen is the rising average temperature of the Earth which heats the ocean water, leads to thermal expansion and further results into elevated water levels. (For example: The hot water level of the Gulf Stream is a little above than the level of the water of the nearby Pacific Ocean by few centimeters.) Scientifically we can correlate the 5.5 centimeters increased level of the water with the proportionate increase in the temperature of the Earth. This has no contribution of the melting glaciers – not at least in the past 15 years. Experts now believe that the effect of the melting glaciers will henceforth overtake the effect of thermal expansion. However, it is difficult to further anticipate its exact effect on the water levels as it is not possible to accurately measure the exact amount of the melted ice and its annual rate of melting. The exact interpretations would be possible only after studying the increased water levels after a few years. It is, therefore, not possible to know the exact doomsday for Maldives but certain researchers claim it to be in the next 20 years.

This probably is the reason as to why the president of Maldives has started accumulating funds to acquire land in India, Sri Lanka or Australia for the 3,86,000 potential migrants of Maldives.

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