Which is the most expensive coffee in the world? (Kopi Luwak)

Among all varieties of coffee, Kopi Luwak is considered to be the most delicious. It also holds the record of being the most expensive coffee in the world. Since its supply is limited, a very few coffee lovers would get an opportunity to taste it. Even at an exorbitant rate of 1000 dollars per kilogram, Kopi Luwak is not easily available.

An opportunity to experience the taste and aroma of Kopi Luwak may certainly not be easily availed as its production throughout the world is hardly 230 kilograms. Moreover the cost mentioned earlier is 1000 US dollars per kilogram out of which 125 cups of coffee can be prepared. However, a single cup of Kopi Luwak is available for 50 Australian dollars (33 American dollars) in Australia and for 50 pounds (99 American dollars) at a coffee parlor in Peter Jones Departmental store in Britain. (As of year 2010)

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