Which is the most nutritious fruit among those commonly eaten raw?

Undoubtedly, it is avocado, a fruit native to tropical Central America and introduced into India probably in the beginning of the 19th century. The first cultivators were the Aztec, the people of Mexico who were conquered by Spaniards about 400 years ago.

Because of the high oil content, avocado (also called alligator pear) has the highest calorific value. Per edible 100 grams, it gives 163 kilocalories besides some vitamins and 2.2% protein. A fair-sized avocado weighing about 450 grams is equivalent to a standard loaf of bread in terms of calories. A few varieties of avocado are grown principally in South India.

A person who eats avocado may not relish it at first, because the fruit seems to lack adequate sweetness and flavor. Nevertheless, in western countries avocado is a fruit of choice because of its nutritive value. People usually prefer to buy ripened fruits. Incidentally, avocados don’t begin to ripen until after they are picked. So, one can unhesitatingly buy them even if they are rock-hard.

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