Why the salt in Dead Sea keeps increasing even though it continuously keeps adding fresh water from the river?

The 1,040 square kilometers Dead Sea, located between Israel and Jordan, is famous for its highly saline (salty) waters. The oceanic waters are 3% to 4% saline while the salinity of the Dead Sea is 33.7%. That enables a person to keep himself floating on the surface of the water without the fear of being drowned. No aquatic life is possible here. Besides, no water flows out of this sea in the form of any river. On the contrary, the Jordan River that flows into the Dead Sea continuously keeps adding its fresh water to it and yet its salinity instead of decreasing keeps rising.
In spite of the River Jordan adding its fresh water into it along with the 7.6 centimeters annual rainfall, the reason for the daily increasing salinity of the Dead Sea is evaporation. The rising mercury levels up to 50 degree Celsius lead to evaporation of nearly 55% of the total amount of water present in the sea which can neither be substituted by the water from River Jordan or the rainfall. The salinity of the Dead Sea which was once 27% has now rose to 33.7%. According to the statistics in 1970, its water level was 395 meters lower compared to other oceans while today the figure is 423 meters. The water level in the Dead Sea decreases by 1 meter annually while the salinity on the other hand keeps on increasing.

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