Are there any plants without flowers, fruits, seeds or even roots?

Giant Kelps
Yes there are! The plant kingdom is divided into four sub-kingdoms out of which one, made up of very simple plants, called thallus plants or thallophytes. Thallophytes have no flowers, fruits or seeds, and no leaves, roots or stems corresponding to those of higher plants. The two main divisions of the thallophytes are the algae and the fungi. The most primitive of all plants are the bacteria, which are one of the divisions of the fungi. Each bacterium consists of a single, very small cell. Among the thallophytes that are familiar to many people are those that coat tree trunks and old wooden fences with green moss that after rain, turn so bright that they look like fresh green paint.

The giant kelps (see photo, above) of the Pacific Ocean and the Sargasso Sea, the ‘reindeer moss’ of northern Canada and many other lichens; and the true Fungi, which include yeasts, moulds, mildews, puffballs, mushrooms, toadstools and the bracket fungi, which grow like shelves from the side of trees are also thallophytes.

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