Which country was the first to start selling bottled mineral water?

France is the place where the concept of mineral water has originated. The hot water springs of Vichy in France are a major tourist attraction. The odorous water from these springs was believed to have the chemical properties to cure skin diseases. A French businessman surmised that if the water can cure skin diseases then it could also be helpful for curing diseases related to the stomach. This thought led him to start the business of selling hot spring water in bottled form under the brand name Vichy. The water, however, had a pungent taste.

Today a French multinational company sells mineral bottled water under the brand name Evian, in many countries of Europe. Evian is also exported worldwide on a large scale. There’s one peculiarity that makes Evian different from other conventional bottled water brands. Evian directly bottles the water from a natural spring of the Alps Mountain. Considering the purity of water, there is no need to either distill it or add any other minerals. The only process done is to fill the water in bottles, seal it, label it and sell it directly in the market.

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