What are the chances of a person getting killed by meteorite strike?

Not hundreds or even thousands, but millions of meteors target our planet each day. By good fortune, most of them burn up and filter down as harmless dust. The total weight of dust to fall in one year is estimated to be 40,00,000 tons.
Mrs. E. Hulitt Hodges

So far as the authenticated records are concerned, no person has been killed in modern times by a meteorite fall. Animals have not been so lucky, however. Apart from incidents that might have gone unnoticed, there are two cases recorded so far. A meteorite killed a calf in Ohio, USA in 1860, whereas another fatally struck a dog in Egypt in 1911. The only mishap involving a human being occurred in Alabama, USA on November 30, 1954. Mercifully, it was not a direct hit. Mrs. E. Hulitt Hodges was napping on her drawing room sofa when a large chunk of meteorite crashed through the roof, bounced off a radio set and stuck her on the left leg. (See photo.) She was severely bruised, but survived. The odds against being directly hit by a meteorite in any given year are 10,000 billion to 1, for very few meteorites reach the Earth’s surface and most end up in the oceans.

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