Which are the biggest waterfalls in the world, apart from Niagara Falls?

Although Niagara Falls is the most famous water fall of the world, as far as volume is concerned, the Boyoma Falls (formerly known as the Stanley Falls) on the river Zaire in Africa takes the cake. (Photo below.) (The volume of waterfall is measured by the amount of water flowing down it in unit time.) Almost 17,000 cubic meters water gushes down the Boyoma Falls every second, while in the same time only 6,000 cubic water flows over the Niagara Falls. Albeit, there is not much deference in their widths.
Boyoma Falls
If the hugeness of a waterfall is to be measured on the basis of its width, the Khone Falls on the Mekong river of Laos comes first. This is because although it is only 21 meters (70 feet) high, its bow-shaped width is 10.6 kilometers (35,000 feet). When one looks from one end it is impossible to see the other end of the falls. On an average the amount of water that flows down this waterfall is nearly double that of the volume of water flowing down the Niagara Falls every year.       
The Angel Falls of Venezuela takes the gold medal for being the tallest falls. Its height is 979 meters (3,212 feet). Water falls from a height which is 15 times more than that of the Niagara Falls.

The IguaƧu Falls which are on the river of the same name and which are situated in Brazil and Argentina in South America also have nearly double the volume of water compared to Niagara Falls flowing down them. The massive noise of those rapids can be heard up to nearly 24 kilometers. In the past this noise had been completely silenced twice; since, due to floods, the level of the river had risen up to the mark from where the rapids passed down.

Nearly all the falls of the world are being pushed back due to the force of their own water but the Victoria Falls on the river Zambezi has surpassed itself. These rapids of Zimbabwe have receded 130 kilometers from their place of origin about thousands of years ago.

Would the country holding the world record for the biggest of waterfalls wish to lose it? Albeit Brazil and Paraguay did just this is 1982. The Guaira Falls was considered to be the number one waterfall due to the huge volume of 49,000 cubic meters water passing over it per second. The world recognized it as a Natural wonder because the second in line, the Boyoma falls on the Zaire, had only 1/3rd the amount of water flowing down it as compared to the Guaria Falls. But in 1982 Brazil and Paraguay built a dam on the Guaria River which reduced this tremendous volume of water to a mere 12,300 cubic meters.

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