Why Yellow Sea, Black Sea and Red Sea have been assigned such peculiar names?

One way or the other these seas have long been linked with the color of their waters. The Yellow Sea (Huang Hai in Chinese) is reckoned to cover an area of 4,80,000 square kilometers. It extends inland for about 640 kilometers between China and Korea. The sea gets its characteristic color from the rich yellow slit deposited by the Yellow River (Huang Ho), the second longest river in China.

The Red Sea is a narrow body of water between the northeastern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. The water itself is not red, but appears so due to the masses of reddish seaweed found in it. The sea is spread over an area of 4,56,000 square kilometers.

The Black Sea’s name is believed to be derived from its stormy and treacherous character rather than the color of its waters. Nevertheless, this 4,48,000 square kilometers sea does look dark in winter due to heavy fogs.

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