What was the first logo of the camera brand Canon? Why it failed?

Origin of Canon’s brand logo

In 1934, the Japanese company launched its new product under the brand name Kwanon which according to Buddhism was the name of a Goddess. Kwanon (picture, left) having 1000 hands and a ring of fire around her symbolized compassion. The Japanese company with the brand name Kwanon did not gain success in the western markets; the reason for which was that its logo was not appropriate for the international markets.

Reasons for failure

The first reason for the failure of the brand Kwanon was that the western world was not completely aware of Buddhism, and so did not understand the meaning of Kwanon. Secondly, the typography of the word Kwanon did not draw attention in Europe and the USA. Due to this, a few months after it being launched, the picture of the Goddess was removed and the typeface of the brand name was modified so that it could be easily deciphered. In spite of these attempts, the word Kwanon was not comfortable for the people to pronounce. The Japanese company ultimately changed its brand name to Canon which then successfully tapped the markets with its products.

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