If one walks inside a train in the same direction the train is moving, does one move faster than the train?

The answer is yes, if you are walking in the direction in which the train is going. But if you are walking from the front of a forward-moving train to the back then you are moving more slowly than the train. There can be no doubt about it, for you can prove it by trying.
If two persons get into the back of the train when it started and one of them walks right through the train to the front then when the train stops, he would get out on the platform much farther forward than the other. He would have traveled farther in the same time than his friend, and farther than the part of train his friend was in, and thus farther than any part of the train. He has added his own movement compared with that of the train to the movement of the train compared with that of the Earth.
The Earth is moving too, and if the train is moving on the Earth in the same direction as the Earth is moving, then the train is moving faster than the Earth. And if you are walking from the back of the train to the front, you are traveling faster than the train, and still faster than Earth. And if a fly is walking across your cheek from your ear to your nose, it is traveling faster than you, or the train!

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