Why is a problem in a computer program called a bug?

Grace Murray Hopper
The first functional computer program was written by Grace Murray Hopper (1906-92) an admiral of the United States Navy. She wrote a program for the Mark I computer (developed in 1944), the first fully automatic calculator. During the 1950s, Hopper (photo, right) directed the work that developed one of the most widely used computer programming languages, COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language).
She is also credited with coining the slang term “bug” to refer to computer program errors. The story goes that her machine had broken down, and when she looked into the problem, she discovered a dead moth in the computer. As she removed it, she reportedly announced that she was “debugging the machine”. Grace Murray Hopper served the US Navy for 43 years. She was one of the pioneers of computer science.

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