From where does the sweet water come inside coconut? What is its role?

Clusters of coconut palms thrive on the seashore outside the tidal zone provided there is plenty of subterranean fresh water.
As the fresh water assimilated by the roots is conveyed right up to the crowns of the coconut palms through osmosis process, any dissolved salts which exist in the subterranean water automatically get eliminated through this natural filtration. Fresh water that gets accumulated in coconut is actually ‘endosperm’ or the food or nourishment for the coconut’s growth. It is not that Nature has provided only coconut with endosperm. Nature has provided such endosperm to seeds of all the fruits in the form of glucose and starch for nourishing the embryo existing in the seed.
Nourishing endosperm is in the liquid form in the initial stage of the green coconut. After some weeks the liquid form starts transforming into the creamy tissue that starts depositing on the coconut’s inner surface. By the time soft creamy layer of tissue becomes the hard ‘copra’, the erstwhile endospern would have become clean coconut water.

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