Is Mount Mauna Kea of USA taller than the Mount Everest?

The answer is an equivocal ‘yes’ and ‘no’! In the ultimate analysis the answer depends upon the base line from which the height is measured. Having altitude of 8,848 meters (29,028 feet) above the sea level, Mount Everest is located on the terra firma (land) of the Asian continent; while the base of the Mount Mauna Kea of Hawaii Island is on the floor of the Pacific Ocean. If measured from the base at the bottom of the Ocean up to its peak, the overall height of the Mount Mauna Kea adds up to 10,205 meters (33,480 feet) — making it 1,357 meters taller than the Mount Everest! 
Mount Mauna Kea of Hawaii Island
However, since a significant mass of Mt. Mauna Kea (photo, above) — nearly 6,000 meters — is situated under the sea level, its summit is much lower than that of Mt. Everest.

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