Since evolution still continues, will man grow bigger head in the future?

Homo sapiens’ brain has remained much the same size for hundreds of thousands of years, but some scientists believe that in the future man’s head will be much larger to accommodate greater intelligence. That said, there is no evidence of direct relationship between brain weight and intellect. The brain of the famous novelist and critic Anatole France, for instance, was less than half the weight of the Russian writer Ivan Turgenev’s.
Human brains vary in weight from 900 too more than 2000 grams, but the average adult male’s brain weighs 1,375 grams, and the figure for the adult female is 1,275 grams. Some idea of the way brain weights vary may be obtained from the list (below) of the well known people with relatively heavy brains. All figures are in grams.
Anthropologists are sharply divided as to whether Homo futures will differ much from the man today. Many deny the possibility of any drastic change in brain size. They insist that man’s biological evolution ended many millennia ago. Others believe that evolution is a never-ending process, and since modern technology would lead to higher intellectual level the brain has to grow in order to process more information. The jury is still out.

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