What is the story behind Sony Walkman invention?

Before the mp3 players were introduced in 1998, it was believed that the Sony Walkman would last for ever and would never be replaced by any other technology. With more than 100 million Walkmans sold across the world, its growing popularity was so much that in 1986 the Oxford English Dictionary had to add the word ‘Walkman’ as a noun. In spite of having taken the market by storm, the mp3 players took over the popularity of Walkman. Sony, however, had invented the Walkman in 1979 accidentally luck by chance.
First Sony Walkman
Sony had never initiated the project of inventing a Walkman. As a matter of fact, there were two different teams working on two different projects at Sony Corporation. Both the teams were oblivious to what the either one of them was doing. One team was into manufacturing of stereo cassette player while the other one was targeting to make any headphone set as light as 50 grams. (See photo above.) When the chairman of the company, Akio Morita, received the project report of both the teams, he suggested the researchers to check with the compatibility of both gadgets. He hoped of the stereo cassette player and the headphone being compatible which in turn would help the company launch a new and innovative product. Fortunately it did, and the result was Walkman.

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