What was the idea behind the invention of pagers?

Pagers bridged the communication gap between the landline phones and cellphones until the evolution of mobile technology. Though vocal conversation was not possible via pagers (see image, left) yet the exchange of messages via text proved it an effective communication tool. The advent of mobile phones, however, wiped away the pagers from the communications world.
Millions of restaurants across the USA were the sole reason behind the invention of pager. The huge weekend rush of food lovers at restaurants would make it difficult for them to find a table to dine. Moreover, the long waiting period would not only make it tiresome but would also not give freedom to the customers to move around and utilize their time to run errands with the fear that in case they miss out on their number being called they would have to wait for another long period. Keeping this in mind, the telecommunication research team came up with an innovative device. The pagers would be distributed to each waiting customer and as soon as their turn would come they would be communicated via the pager even if they were at a distance from the eatery, thus saving their time as well as maintaining the crowd systematically. At the end of the day, these pagers would be collectively recharged in a customized multiple charger to ready them to beep the next day.

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