Does drinking Mountain Dew lower sperm count?

Mountain Dew, the carbonated soft drink, is one of the flagship brands of PepsiCo. It was invented by two beverage bottlers in 1940 and underwent a few refinements since. The citrus soft drink is mostly popular among young men and enjoys large market share in its domain. However, it has also spawned an urban legend that the drinking of Mountain Dew lowers the sperm count in men.
This legend has an age of some years. The people who spread the belief attributed the fact to the presence of two of the drink’s ingredients: caffeine and the coloring agent Yello Dye No. 5. The caffeine content is high in Mountain Dew compared to other soft drinks, measuring at 55 mg per 12 oz. And the Yellow 5, also known as Tartrazine, is believed to play a major part. However, there is no concrete evidence to support this claim. A cup of coffee has 4 times of caffeine than in a bottle of Mountain Dew. If the soft drink causes lower sperm counts, the habitual coffee drinkers have more chances of it.
Several studies have come in support to the claim that the intake of caffeine has a relation to conception. They show that women who drink more than 3 cups of coffee per day show low fertility. But it is more attributed to the lifestyle of the people since those who consume more caffeine generally have a bad lifestyle.
In the case of Yellow 5, the chemical is used in many things such as ice cream. Very little of the substance is metabolized in our body. Studies have shown that it has no effects on sperm count while the increased consumption can be allergic.
Mountain Dew has been involved in a number of myths regarding the conception. It was said to cause impotency. According to some people, it would actually cause a man’s testicles to shrink. A different one states that the drink would cause the penis to shrivel. Despite the popularity of these rumors, they continue to be unfounded, with no scientific base to draw from.
The myth of Mountain Dew causing low sperm count has been very famous lately among teenagers. Many think the drink can be used as a good contraceptive in place of the relatively costlier condoms.
A lot of rumors stem from the fact that we can’t really determine the cause of a lower sperm count. Every human body is different. People respond differently to their diets and lifestyle. There is no concrete evidence to pinpoint the cause of low sperm count in some men, but can be speculated based on his lifestyles.
As far as the scientific world concerned, Mountain Dew will cause no low sperm count. It neither affects the penis or testicles anyway.

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