Who is the world's oldest woman to give birth? At what age?

Having pregnancy when you are above fifty years of age is always risky. Too many complications can arise when you conceive when you are stepping in to the old age and find your body starts to disobey yourself. But there are some women who have showed incredible, which some may call stupid, courage to defy the challenges of their age and given birth to offspring. These women had their detractors and supporters, and many health problems, but they achieved what they had been hoping for, a child; in fact more than one.

As of latest information, the oldest woman in the world to become a mother is Omkari Singh Panwar from India. Panwar, hailing from a remote village in the state of Uttar Pradesh, undertook such a risk to have a son, thereby to provide her husband an heir as well. She became the oldest mother in the world when she gave birth to twins in 2008. She was 70 years old then. The historical birth took place in the hospital of Muzaffarnagar, 7 hours-drive away from New Delhi. Panwar gave birth to premature twins, a boy and a girl, both weighing around two pounds. Omkari and her husband Charan Singh, aged 77 at the time, were already parents of two daughters who themselves had five children among them. But the couple wanted a son to continue their legacy in the highly patriarchal Indian social system.

Panwar gave birth following the controversial IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) treatment which cost around 3, 50,000 INR, despite the opposition from her local community and many medical experts. To pay for the treatment, they sold the family's holdings, their buffalos, mortgaged their land, spent their life savings and even took out a credit card loan. The children were delivered by Gynecologist Nisha Malik. The son was named Akashvani and the daughter Barsaat. Unfortunately, Barsaat didn't survive too many years.

Omkari has, however, no birth certificate to prove that she is the oldest mother in the world, which, in fact, matters little to her. She calculates her age in relation with the independence of India in 1947, when she was 9 years old.

The person previously regarded as the oldest mother had been an Indian as well; Rajo Devi Lohan, from the village of Hissar was 69 when she gave birth to a daughter. However, the oldest verified mother is Maria del Carmen Bousada de Lara from Spain. She was 66 when she gave birth to twins following IVF treatment. The record for the oldest woman to conceive naturally is held by Dawn Brooke, who was 59, from Britain.

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