What are the causes and treatment for dark circles under eyes?

The appearance of dark circles around the eyes is a problem that often troubles many a person. It makes you look older and people often complain how it makes them look unattractive. In the modern world of competitiveness, it is sufficient to cause lack of confidence in someone.
For common people, tiredness, lack of sleep, fatigue etc. all are generally attributed to be the reasons for this condition. However, fatigue is not the only thing that can cause the periorbital circles, as they are known in a more formal language. The circles can appear because of various reasons, ranging from heredity to anemia.
The primary reason for dark circles is no symptom of any defect. It is simply the blood veins under our eyes. Haven’t you noticed how some veins appear blue? It is the same thing that happens here. The skin around our eyes is the thinnest part of our body skin. Its thickness measures only 0.5 mm compared to 2 mm in other parts. When the blood flows through the vessels close to skin, it produces a bluish tint which appears dark around the eyes. The lighter the skin tone, more apparent the rings will be. As we get older, our skin becomes thinner since it becomes incapable to produce new cells in the place of dying ones and the dark circles get more visible.
Another reason for the dark rings is hyper pigmentation. It is caused by the increased production of melanin under our eyes. Melanin is the pigment that gives color to our skin and hair. One of the reasons of increase in its production is exposure to sunlight. This is more visible in people with darker skin. Eczema, sleep deprivation, oversleeping and smoking can also cause dark circles to appear around your eyes. Lack of sleep renders your skin paler than usual and the darkness will be more apparent. In addition, liver problems and excess in salt consumption can also trigger periorbital circles.
The periorbital circles are generally harmless. Since there is no solution for the hereditary darkness, people often use make up. But if they appear suddenly without an apparent cause and don’t go away after a few days, it may be symptom of another disease and you might want to consult a doctor. The treatment for the dark circles is actually according to the cause. Skin lightening creams can be used if the cause is hyper pigmentation. Those who like home remedies can try application of syrup of tomato, potato and lemon. Honey can also produce good results. You need to avoid the exposure to sun and have adequate amount of sleep as well.

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