How does sugar make you fat if there is no fat in it?

One of the first things a doctor say to a fat person is the need to cut down the sweet things. Many of you would have thought as well; how does sugar make me fat?
First of all, our body needs sugar to survive. It is a significant part of our metabolism. We get the energy for our daily activities from sugar. There are different types of sugars, including glucose and fructose. Our body produces glucose and uses it for energy. But the sugar in the food we take in contains mainly fructose. It can only be processed by liver cells.
Too much of sugar is certainly harmful for us. Despite not having any fats, there are a number of ways sugar can make one fat.
As mentioned earlier, fructose is metabolized by liver. When we consume more sugar than necessary, the additional amount of sugar is converted by the liver into fatty acids. They get absorbed into the bloodstream, and are stored in various parts of the body, including the stomach, breasts, hips, and butt. These fatty acids later gradually enter our organs such as heart, liver, and kidneys triggering various health problems.
Another way sugar makes one fat is linked with insulin. Insulin, produced by pancreas, is a key hormone that regulates our metabolism. Whenever we consume sugar, insulin is produced to compensate it. The hormone has a few functions like sending signal to peripheral cells like muscles to absorb glucose. When we eat more sugar, the insulin production also goes higher. The other duty of insulin is to inform fat cells to take more fat from bloodstream. So, when insulin is produced in high levels, more glucose gets turned to fat and stored in our body. This also causes our energy levels to drop and makes us hungry, even though we have had enough food. This makes us eat even more and triggers an unhealthy cycle.
Sugar also makes us fat with the effects on the hormone named leptin. Leptin is produced by fat cells. The more fat we have, more leptin is secreted. Our brain determines whether we are hungry or not by checking the leptin levels. Constant eating of sugar produces more leptin and the brain eventually becomes resistant to leptin levels. It means it will be unable to decide we had enough food and keeps us hungry. We would eat more and trigger the aforementioned processes continuously. This is the reason why fat people eat more and keep on getting fatter. Not because they need more food, but because they feel hungry even when their body has had enough food.

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