Can an explosion push a person away without harming them like they show in the movies?

Almost certainly not. One of the things that media most misrepresents is what is lethal in an explosion, and the sheer fire is the least dangerous thing. The most lethal thing about explosions is that the shockwave traveling outwards from the explosion (air displaced at an incredibly high speed) as a compression wave. Second most lethal is shrapnel, anything displaced by the explosion (usually the container itself).
A sufficient explosion pulverizes bone and liquefies organs. Imagine an invisible wall flying out from the explosion and hitting you, the stationary object, at the speed of a car crash. You aren’t simply falling because you lost your balance, like a person pushing you in the chest – a solid wall of pure force is forcing you over, pushing you, and the objects of dispersion are your guts and skeletal structure.
It might be hypothetically possible, but this is on the top 10 list of absolute nonsense that media represents as normal. Explosions are incredibly dangerous. A ‘weak’ explosion is you feeling the force and fire of rapid combustion. An explosion knocking or pushing you by a few feet is a very big deal.

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