What does it take to convert matter into energy, and would it cause an explosion?

The only currently known way to completely transform mass into energy is by annihiliting matter and anti-matter. This is very difficult to do, because (at least in our known surroundings) there is no anti-matter. It would be theoretically possible for entire different galaxies to be made of anti-matter, but many scientists argue that the likelihood for this is too small to be considered, we know for sure that our galaxy is pretty much just “normal” matter.

Anti-matter is present on the earth, it gets created by photons from the sun hitting the upper athmosphere, however that anti-matter instantly reacts with the surrouding air to nothing, and it is unlikely that we will ever be able to “farm” it.

We are able to create anti-matter in accelerators such as CERN, but it would take literally trillions of years to produce even a single gram of it, so not really an option, either.

It would defenetly create an explosion, because the energy density at whatever spot would be too high, however it is possible, as with any other explosion, to stop this from happening by simply finding a way to get the energy away from that location and spread out quickly enough. It is unlikely that we will ever find such a method that would work for anti-matter.

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