Why do some cops in big cities like New York still use horses?

Horses offer a number of benefits in city environments that make them an ideal partner in many situations. They allow a rider to sit up high for a better view of what’s going on.

They can turn around or maneuver in tighter spaces than a car could. They are used where a car just wouldn’t be practical, like a wilderness areas or a very large grassy park, for example, Central Park in New York.

Horses are great for dealing with crowds as well, because they’re big animals and if they push you, you’re going to move. There’s also a bit of natural fear that humans have of a big animal that may trample them, so people tend to respect a horse much more than they respect a police car. Adding to that, some people won’t think twice about smashing a cop car window, but it’s a whole different story if you’re attacking an animal. Especially if that animal can fight back.

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