How can any storage device keep information once unplugged from the computer/power?

Imagine a board with four switches. And each switch has either on or off position.

Imagine there's a bulb connected to each switch. So let's say you have the switches in on, on, off, on position. Logically the second to last bulb is off while the rest is on.

Now disconnect the board from your circuit. Did the switches go back to some default position? No, because there isn't any. They're still in their last set on/off position.

So now you can store the board in your drawer for years and it will still hold the information. On, on, off, on.

Connect it to the bulbs again and you will see what you saw years ago, Bulbs 1, 2 and 4 are on while the 3rd one is off.

So the board was able to hold four bits of information for years without any power source.

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