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Earn money while growing your knowledge

Do you have a curious mind? Do you often find yourself Googling stuff to find answers to questions that arise in your head? Is fact-finding your hobby?

If you say "yes" to those questions then you can earn money while doing what you are anyway doing for fun, grow your knowledge, and benefit thousands of people around the world who visit here in search of answers.

How is it possible?

You can write for Here Be Answers! Pick a question in any category, do some research, and pen down an answer in good English which is easy to understand for common people. The answers need not be "encyclopedic" long. Just 500-600 words would be enough. That's just one page of Word document! Think you can do it?

Important thing to keep in mind

If you are thinking you can do it (great!) then here's an important thing to keep in mind. The answer written should be 100% original. It should be written in your own words using the factual knowledge you gain through research. There are tools to find out even if a single sentence is copied from another website on the Internet. Honestly, we don't need that.

Example of research and writing

Here's an example that may help you understand what we are expecting. Below is a link to an answer on HBA, and also the links to the websites we used for research. I suggest you read all the articles linked under research sources and then read the HBA answer linked right below. You will see that the facts are picked from the source articles, combined to include important points from all sources, and presented in a fairly easy language. That is how we expect you to create value for the readers of HBA.

Research sources:
Do Lie Detectors Work? (Psychology Today)

Cool, isn't it?


We will pay INR 200 for an answer of 500-600 words. This is applicable for India. If you are located outside India, we can discuss the payout over email.

Send us an email at herebeanswers@gmail.com.
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