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How are oceans formed? And why sea water is salty?

Third question: How much salt is there in the sea water?
In the most ancient pre-historic period erupting volcanoes emitted large quantities of gases and steam which in turn became massive clouds filling up the sky. Rain fell incessantly for hundreds of years. Rainwater collected in low-lying areas and formed seas for the first time.
The earliest rain water was somewhat salty or saline because gases like hydrogen chloride emitted by volcanoes had dissolved in it. Rainwater also dissolved salts on the ground. Although rocks and stones remained almost unaffected, their soluble salt (e.g. sodium and magnesium) continued to dissolve in rain and went on increasing the salinity of sea water year after year. Today the salt content in sea water is 1 kilogram for each cubic foot of water on an average. If all the salt is extracted from sea water its quantity will be sufficient to cover all the land of earth with a layer of salt about 500 feet thick!

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What is the quantity of gold in the seawater? Is it possible to reap it?

Besides hydrogen and oxygen, there are 44 elements in the oceans. Gold is one of them but not as much as most people would like to believe. There is only 1 gram of gold for every 100 million tonnes of seawater. The presence of gold in the oceans has been known since 1872, and since then many people have made futile attempts to reclaim this precious metal by various means. The fact is that in order of the amount present, gold ranks 40th in list of elements in the ocean’s water.

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